Travel with Marketa to the Most Exciting Place on Earth!


What’s exciting varies from person to person, and so will the most exciting place on Earth. Our planet may be small compared to what’s out there, but it’s the biggest thing we’ll probably get to know in our individual lifetimes, and that means there are probably more options of places to go than we’ll be able to see in our individual lifetimes. So with that in mind, what’s the place you yearn to see? What nation holds the flavors, sights, and sounds you crave an up close experience of, and where in the world is important enough for you to invest in enhancing the experience with the company of a gorgeous and nubile VIP luxury escort like Marketa?

Marketa has a great smile that’ll brighten up meal times as you sit across from each other at a Michelin stared restaurant, or some remote favorite dining location of exotic locals. She’s got a fantastic body that you’ll love to see dressed up in high fashion, designer looks for occasions like the theatre or a night out at the hottest nightclub in the city where you’ve reserved a VIP section and champagne is set to flow all night long. This lovely travel model loves the freedom offered to her through being an international travel escort, and also happens to be quite charming, which means that if the most exciting place in the world to you is Milan during fashion week and you want to see her throw on something sexy and dance in an haute concept night club like she’s done so many times before then you can, but you can also appreciate each other’s company somewhere that few people have been before, in a place where you can make the sort of memories you may have not even dreamed of before. In a place like the Himalayas!

Nepal is a specific region you’ll want to visit on this unforgettable travel experience with your fantastically resolute travel companion. In addition to the towering Everest, there are plenty of opportunities for climbing here and experiences wonders of nature that will forever allude so many. There are also other ways to get to the tops of the peaks of the Seven Summits if you and your travel companion aren’t feeling so sporty! As an alternative to taking the life endangering climb, kudos to you if you’re feeling brave enough, sign up to take a tour by airplane. GeoEx is one such tour provider with a great reputation. They’ll help you plan your entire trip around much of the area that the Himalayas covers if need be, and it’s worth reiterating that climbing to the top of Mt. Everest isn’t exactly the safest thing for either you, or the travel escort in your company, to be doing. If you’re feeling old about your flying experience, consider looking into a three hour guided tour by helicopter. You can expect to fly through the many wondrous mountains, followed by landing at a trekking lodge for breakfast, a frost bite free adventure!

If after seeing the Himalayas from above, you decide it’s time to really get in there, here’s what you’re in for. You and your travel companion should make it a point to look out for Ama Dablam, one of the most scenic mountains in the area. It may not be as tall as Everest, but like your slim and petite travel escort, its beauty is the standout far beyond its stature. You’ll trek through the Namche Bazaar, which as its name suggests is a huge center for buying and selling, but a cultural epicenter as well. The Himalayan town is booming with activity, and it is also a major point of entry into the mountains. Summon up your bravery in preparation to cross the narrow bridges of steel and rope, covered in prayer flags and linking extremely steep ridges in parts of the trail.

The second to last destination you’ll reach to take a load off is Lobuche. After this you’ll continue on to the very last stop you’ll reach before you begin your climb. Get your rest here, it’ll be almost necessary to cling to each other for warmth, but something tells me that neither you nor your travel companion will be too bothered by that. All of the necessities will be packed in heavy loads, including things like oxygen tanks and water, and will be carried up by yak. These creatures are surprisingly nimble, and a treat for you and your travel companion to witness up close, carefully navigating the sometimes deadly territory. What comes next? It’s highly individual, as I don’t have to tell you there have been a great many variations of outcomes for those who have attempted the climb to the top of Everest.

Whether you do or don’t decide on the ultimate climb, hands down one of the best decisions you can make for accommodations while in the Himalayas is the Taj Tashi. The five story building has 66 rooms, and you and your travel companion will no question want to be in one of them. Heated bathroom floors, dark heavy wood, and high ceilings are only the beginning of the totally appropriate ambiance the hotel will provide for you and the delicious travel model in your company. You’ll see monks casually stroll through the courtyard while chanting in the early mornings, and dancers performing traditional moves around a fire pit in the very same courtyard at night. Sip on a salted tea with butter in the lobby lounge Rimps, and have traditional fare for dinner at the hotel restaurant Chig-je-gyre, where Tibetan horns protrude decoratively from the mirror covered walls. Take a dip together with Marketa in the indoor pool, and then head directly downstairs for an aromatic and totally Eastern spa experience at Jiva.

Visit Nepal’s Durbar Square in Bhatapur to see a picturesque royal city of the Nepalese tradition, and experience the energy of what is now a prime social area, grown from a tradition of a former and contemporary site of religious importance. Take in the beauty of the terrace supported farms, and taste the local flavors that reveal themselves in the form of spices like turmeric and coriander, and fresh produce like buckwheat greens and tomatoes.